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We Love Our New Intro Video!

Thank you UniqueFiveX! Click on the picture to start. If you want to play it from YouTube go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E91eOB3XZ2o

Video Contest Announced – Best Video of Our Fake Product In Action


  • We are looking for videos that show our fake product in use. You can create the ExhausTXT product by painting a piece of plywood or Styrofoam black. Use red text lettering to stay close to the non-existent product. For those people that get 1000 views and mention our www.BogusBoxes.com website, we’ll send you a free box. Just send us your YouTube link when it reaches 1000 views. The email for the contest is:


The site with the most views by December 15th, 2011 will get a really great prize (if we can afford one), a “LOL”, or another box. But the most important thing, is that we will feature your video on our site for either a really long time – if it’s any good, or for a Microsoft Minute if it’s so-so. We have our image to maintain.

Please make it funny. We laugh at almost anything. But if you can’t break a smile on any of the drunken judges I’ll pick to review your submission – no box.

Okay – here’s some ideas on the scenes, but the storyline is all yours:

  •  How about one of these on the back of one of those Walmart mobile riding carts?
  •  How about on the back of one of those Amish-style carriages?
  •  How about simply on the back of your klunker?
Okay, you get the idea.  If you must write to ask questions, use the contest@BogusBoxes.com email above.

BogusBoxes.com Announces Inaugural Box

Fake Gift Boxes. Great Product Ideas.

Click on our box to go to our home page.

Price if real product: $499.99

Price for just the box: $7.99 plus S&H